Brosway Deco Women's Stainless Steel White Finish Italian Watch


GTIN: 8053851036171

$144.99 $234.99
The patchwork of opposite style envelopes the pulse of the contemporary woman. Speakers from the stylized lines, luminous dials and metallic strap out of touch glam-chic. Timeless addicted accessory. Case:32,2 mm. 304 stainless steel, cubic zirconia and mineral glass Features: hours, minutes, seconds Movement: Miyota 2035 Dial: sunray and cubic zirconia Water resistant: 3 atmospheres Wristband: 304 stainless steel and cubic zirconia  Brosway jewelry and watches are designed to be worn every day and on all occasions. For this reason, they don’t require extraordinary maintenance, although you should take some simple precautions to preserve the beauty and splendor of your precious items over time. The strength of Bros Manifatture lies in our employees: a strong, united team that never stops dreaming and achieves great results thanks to the value of each of them. Day after day, the Company has been building its future, broadening its horizons in the world, never forgetting its roots and the people who have contributed to its success over the years—people who are still with us after more than forty years. At the same time, we are close to the new generations and are always on the lookout for new talents who can bring useful energy, expertise and have valuable resources to invest in with the aim of fostering development and prosperity. We strongly believe in providing guidance to young people so that they can adopt the right approach and surround themselves with a confident environment that encourages excellent training and initiative.

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