In The Shop - Shop Spotlight: G-SHOCK Has Something For Everyone This Year

G-SHOCK watches can come across as a bit masculine – they're big, they're bold, and, in many cases, have an ultra-utilitarian style. We're not ones to say what women want, but your average, say, Mudmaster just lacks that certain je ne sais quoi that best complements the average lady's wrist. When you think of G-SHOCK's women's watches, you might immediately conjure up an image of a BABY-G, and, wow , do we have a killer special edition BABY-G hitting the HODINKEE Shop today. However, G-SHOCK has expanded several of its popular collections to include more modestly sized variants geared toward women, or anyone with smaller wrists. But, don't worry, today isn't exclusively a ladies' launch – when it comes to gender and watches, there's always a grey area. In addition to these more feminine-leaning models, we have a limited edition Frogman designed in partnership with the British Royal Navy, all coming to you right here in the HODINKEE Shop . The G-SHOCK GMAS2100 First announced in the fall of 2019, the original GA2100 series were watches that immediately grabbed people's attention for an unconventional, octagonal case design. And while their physical appearance played a key role in early recognition, the GA2100 models were notable for other reasons as well. At just 11.8mm thick, these were the thinnest G-SHOCKs to hit the brand's catalog, something that was accomplished without sacrificing anything in the way of durability. This was possible through the application of one of G-SHOCK's latest material innovations, Carbon Core Guard, which incorporates a thin layer of carbon fiber inside the watch to maintain its overall strength. Now, G-SHOCK has further expanded the popular GA2100 series with the GMAS2100, which further pushes the bounds of Carbon Core Guard's ability to produce a streamlined design. The GMAS2100 boasts even slimmer dimensions with a thickness of just 11.2mm, surpassing the original. In addition, the GMAS2100 models also feature new, premium mirrored indexes in complementary colors and luminous hands to enhance legibility in low-light conditions. Offered in three colorways – classic white , black, and a gorgeous dusty pink – the GMAS2100 series is an awesome option for under $100 each. The G-SHOCK BABY-G BA110PKC-4A 'Pikachu' G-SHOCK, BABY-G, and Pikachu, what's not to love? This watch pretty much speaks for itself, but let's dig into how it came to be. Between 2019 and 2020, both G-SHOCK's BABY-G series and the Pokémon Company celebrated their 25-year anniversary. Thus, it was a no-brainer for the two to team up and create a couple of special edition timepieces together. The latest addition is the BA110PKC-4A "Pikachu." As the name suggests, the BA110PKC-4A "Pikachu" showcases the most beloved character from the Pokémon universe. Here, G-SHOCK and the Pokémon Company opted for a relatively subtle and clever dial, simply showcasing a classic BABY-G pink and grey color scheme with the hands of the analog display mirroring the shape of Pikachu's instantly recognizable face. However, the pair got playful with a strap that, at first glance, resembles a camouflage design but is actually an arrangement of three different colored Pikachu silhouettes. The Pikachu theme extends to the keeper, which features a silhouette of Pikachu's tail, and to the caseback, which is etched with an image of Pikachu. As a final touch, this fun and vibrant watch comes in special packaging inspired by a Poké Ball, for just $150. The G-SHOCK GMWB5000GD-4 'Full Metal' Rose Gold IP-Coated Stainless Steel It was only in 2018 that G-SHOCK took its original, emblematic geometric watch that dates back to 1983 and – for the first time – rendered it completely out of stainless steel. There have been G-SHOCK models that incorporated stainless steel and other metals dating back to the 1990s, but it's never been done to this extent with the original, classic "square" design. G-SHOCK spared no expense in making this look and feel like no G-SHOCK ever before, with a mix of finishes and a weightiness in hand that feels unabashedly premium. The G-SHOCK "Full Metal" collection is a staff favorite here at HODINKEE, which is why we couldn't be more excited to add a new variant in a rose gold colorway to our assortment. The warmth of the plated finish offers a high-end look and feel that's surprisingly subtle on the wrist. Sitting alongside models like the classic yellow gold and bright red editions, the GMWB5000GD-4 is an upscale yet discreet take on one of G-SHOCK's classic forms. And it's a killer complement to most outfits, to boot. The G-SHOCK GWFA1000RN8A Master of G Frogman Royal Navy Limited Edition While every G-SHOCK is built to withstand an impressive amount of wear and tear, the Master of G collection is unique in that it's designed to push boundaries even further, with watches specifically intended for professional use. G-SHOCK first introduced the Frogman in 1993, and it's maintained a presence in the brand's line-up ever since, in both standard and limited edition variations. Today, we have one such limited edition created in collaboration with the British Royal Navy, with a design that draws inspiration from Her Majesty's Ship (HMS) Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, one of the largest ships of its kind. The watch features a light grey case and band that resembles the hull of the ship along with a dial that highlights the signature colors of the Royal Navy: red, white, and navy blue. In addition, the metal band ring is engraved with the Royal Navy insignia. This limited-edition Frogman is a fully-certified dive watch, to the ISO 6425 standard, while also incorporating all the technical features you expect from G-SHOCK. For instance, there's the second time-zone display at eight o'clock and a tide indicator (useful for any frequent beachgoer, including surfers) at three o'clock. In addition, there's a 24-hour indicator that's connected to the central handset – which can also function as a passive AM/PM display – at 10 o'clock. This watch truly embodies the utilitarian nature of G-SHOCK with a great deal of functionality, for $1,000. The G-SHOCK GMS5600 G-SHOCK has the unique distinction of creating watches that are not only defined by their utilitarian practicality but also celebrated for their distinctly individual designs, a combination that has made them favored by stylish individuals around the world for decades. The rectangular form factor of the 5600 series, which superseded the original DW5000C "square" in the 1980s, is the archetype of the G-SHOCK design language. It's what most people think of when G-SHOCK is mentioned, and it's a look that the brand continues to iterate on, offering new and different takes on a product now recognized worldwide. Recently, G-SHOCK reimagined the GM5600 in a more compact build with the GMS5600. The watch combines a metal bezel with a translucent resin strap, similar to other models in the GM5600 family. However, with the GMS5600, you get more modest proportions for a highly versatile wearing experience. The result is a watch with the iconic G-SHOCK DNA you know and love with a lightweight and comfortable fit on the wrist. We welcome the GMS5600 in three colorways, including pink/gold and black/gold variants for $180, plus a silver-tone variant for $170. Browse Our Entire G-SHOCK Catalog In The HODINKEE Shop Our latest selection of G-SHOCK watches truly offers something for everyone, whether you're looking for that ultra-practical tool watch, a model that works well with your petite stature, or something a little more feminine and playful. Any of these G-SHOCK models would make an awesome watch for the summer months – no matter what. Head over to the HODINKEE Shop to discover the full assortment.Say hello to nine new G-SHOCKS – a few with a feminine twist, but there are plenty for the guys, too.