Bovet 1822 Creates a Limited Edition Watch to Match Pininfarina Battista

Pininfarina is partnering with Bovet 1822 to create the perfect timepiece to go with their latest all-electric hypercar, the Battista. In fact, it would be uncouth to match the wrong timepiece with this car because Pininfarina's products are always for connoisseurs and never meant to disappoint.

The Battista Tourbillon is a smart looking watch that features a patented double-sided 60-second flying tourbillon, a 10-day power reserve, an exclusive vegan rubber strap, and it's the first timepiece Bovet 1822 has made with this technology.

This watch uses a branded movement that has patented double-face tourbillion, which runs at 18k vibrations per hour, and that allows it to get about 10 days of power with just one barrel. The movement was specifically made at the request of Pininfarina.

“The Battista Tourbillon truly represents the Automobili Pininfarina design philosophy in sublime, small scale,” said Luca Borgogno, Pininfarina’s chief design officer. “We reached a level of detail and design quality that has not been seen before. It makes a perfect match with the Battista hyper GT.”

To make certain that the watch matches the car, the fine detailing is finished in the same Iconica Blu as the Anniversario edition of the car and the dial face features the Battista’s Triangolo pattern. Together with the dials make the number 90, a nod to the 90-year heritage of Pininfarina. 90 is also the number of watches that will be produced, 30 in titanium, 30 in red gold and 30 in platinum.

Prices in Switzerland start from CHF 285,000 for the titanium version which amounts to around $310,000 US. This sum may sound outrageous to some of us, but if you can afford the $2 million Pininfarina Battista, the price tag is simply pocket change.

At Bovet 1822, the human element is essential, and so it is for Automobili Pininfarina,” said Pascal Raffy, owner of Bovet 1822. “Luxury cars and timepieces share the same values: exceptional design and performance. When you start a project and there is no interest other than the pursuit of perfection, passions do not just add up—they multiply.”

The Pininfarina Battista is an electric hyper-car that is based on the same platform as the Rimac Nevera and makes 1,874 hp (1,397 kW / 1,900 PS) and 1,696 lb-ft (2,300 Nm) of torque. The cars will be made specifically for their owners and are customizable enough that the automaker claims no two will be the same.